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Suburban Extended Stay Kitchen Package

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The Suburban Extended Stay Kitchen Kit contains all of the kitchen products required

for an
in-unit kitchen in a Suburban Extended Stay Hotel. These unit-packed

kits are a great time
and money saver as all of the kitchen products below come

conveniently packaged in one self
contained kit. Installation requires only one

trip in and out of the unit to outfit the entire kitchen.

Contact Lodging Kit Company via email or by calling 1.800.328.8439
with your

project requirements for the very best price.

Suburban Extended Stay Kitchen Product Requirements List:

12 & 16 oz Drinking Glasses

Dinner Plates

Salad Plates

Soup/Cereal Bowl

Coffee Mug

Dinner Fork

Dinner Knife


Cutting Board

Kitchen Towel

Dish Cloth


Cutlery Tray

Frying Pan

Sauce Pan with Lid

Paring Knife

Steak Knife


Slotted Spoon

Basting Spoon

Can & Bottle Opener


2 Slice Wide Slot Toaster

Frequently these ” kitchen kits” area also commonly referred to as:
Kitchen Package, Kitchen Pack, Kitchen in a Box.

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