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Lodging Kit company has been making installations and new construction projects faster, more cost-efficient and easier since 1989.

A “Room in a Box®” (also often referred to as a “kit”) is simply a unitized package containing all of the in room items that you specify in your order. Therefore, if you are adding 40 units, you would receive 40 boxes and simply take each box to each unit and unpack it there.

There is no need for multiple purchase orders, multiple deliveries and then countless hours of separating all of your products per unit. There is a cost associated with every trip in and out of a unit made by your installation crew. With our Room in a Box® unit-packed kits you can minimize this cost with one trip in and out of each room.

Consignment Kitting:  If you’ve already sourced your own products, we offer consignment kitting.  Ship your products here, tell us how you want it packed and what you want it packed in and we’ll take care of the rest.  We invite you to compare our pricing to logistics & installation companies.  This is what we do every day!

Call Lodging Kit Company to design your own custom Room in a Box® today.  1-800-328-8439

Room in a Box® Process

This short video provides a quick behind the scenes illustration of the Room in a Box® “kitting process.”  While many installation and logistics companies offer this service, their pricing is typically high because they need to modify their business model and typical warehousing processes to do this.  With Lodging Kit, THIS IS WHAT WE DO EVERY DAY, and our pricing reflects that.  We invite price comparison.  


Typically all of the items that go in the cupboards, in the drawers, and on the countertops.  Perfect for extended-stay hotels, vacation ownership condos, corporate housing and more. Some examples of our kitchen kits can be found here, but feel free to design your own with everything your kitchen needs.


All of the OS&E for a bathroom.  While these can vary greatly in scope, typical items are shower curtain, wastebasket, hair dryer, tumblers, amenity tray, tissue cover and towels but add what you like. Towels can be pre-washed room ready, and first night’s amenities are often added.


Bedding is the bulk of it… mattress protection, sheets, pillows, blanket and bed topper.  Maybe even a decorative throw?  An alarm clock, audio, or some sort of charging station goes beside the bed.  Coffee service is often in this kit (tray, brewer, mugs, condiment holder, first night’s condiments, etc.)  An ice bucket, tongs and room tumblers are usually in this kit as well. Other items vary based on whether there’s a closet (see below) and what will be left out in the open.


These are often combined with the bedroom items, but can be separate as well.  Hangers, iron (with caddy?), ironing board, luggage rack, spare bedding sometimes… it depends on your room arrangement, and we’re flexible to your needs.