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Air Oasis 3000X G3 Commercial Air Sanifier Purifier

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This Air Oasis operates with little noise and there is no maintenance on the

purifier for 3 years. Each air purifier is made of artistic brushed aluminum.

The Air Oasis G3 3000 Air Purifier will quickly reduce viruses, bacteria, mold spores,

allergens, as well as VOC’s up to 3000 square feet. Make your office or commercial

space an “Oasis of Fresh Air” and an escape from nagging allergy and sinus flair ups.

Unique to the Air Oasis G3 3000 is the added advantage of not only being an extremely

effective air cleaner but has a new technology that simply produces a blanket of redundant

oxidizers that not only clean your air, but sanitizes surfaces as well. 4″ w x 4″ d x 17″ h.

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