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Air Oasis Sanifier 5000 Ft. Commercial Purification

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Capable of cleaning the air in open rooms up to 5000 square feet with

strong odors, the Air Oasis AO-5000 commercial air purifier is ideal for

kennels, gyms, salons, restaurants, warehouses, bars/lounges, etc.

This Air Oasis air purifier features a proprietary nano nickel technology

that reduces ozone. Plus with no filters or messy plates or internal parts

to wash or replace or scrub, the Air Oasis AO-5000 commercial air purifier

is easy to use and maintain. Constructed of an artistic brushed aluminum this

Air Oasis air purifier will definitely compliment your office or commercial space.

The built-in handle, along with its lightweight and compact size makes it ideal for

spot cleaning hotel rooms after a smoker occupied the room, mold, remediation,

treatment of job sites, and more. This air purifier quickly and effectively reduces

carbon-based contaminants, providing fresh, clean smelling air in only minutes.

Cleans up to 5000 square foot area. Uses technology developed by NASA.

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