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Triskelion 360º UV disinfection tower with remote

Triskelion 360º UV disinfection tower with remote

Hotel rooms, meeting rooms, office, home, shops

360º disinfection quartz lamp to remove bacterias and clean the air. 99% sterilization rate. Auto turn-off when detecting human body within a 15feet radius.

Technical Description

UV Lamp power: 55w

UV Lamp wave: UVC 253.7mm

Time settings: 15min/30min/60min

Size: 200x140x533mm

Remote control : yes

Power supply : 110V -240V/50Hz-60Hz

Bulb liftime : 8.000H (Replacing Bulb available)

Technology: UV + Ozone

Range: 500 -700 square foot

Minimum Order: 1 pc

Certifications: UV + OZONE & EFFICIENT : The uvc disinfection lamp is suitable for sterilization, disinfection, deodorization removal.

Volatile ozone can spread to every corner, can purify the air and remove odor. Give your guests a healthier living environment. 99% sterilization rate.

REMOTE CONTROL & TIMER SETTING : You can use the remote control to set the working hours of the uv light sanitizer, such as setting for 15, 30 or 60 minutes.

10m remote control distance, 10s delay timing, makes it safe to use.

HIGH QUALITY & DURABLE : High purity quartz glass tube means it’s more durable. ABS flameresistant material and open heat dissipation for a long life; lamp tube life up to 8000 hours.

APPLICATIONS : The uvc disinfection lamp used in hotel room, kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, closet, school, office and hospital.

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Triskelion 360º UV disinfection tower with remote

WARNINGS : Ultraviolet radiation can cause skin and eye burns, excessive inhalation of ozone is harmful to human. It require people, animals and plants waiting outside during disinfection, after

disinfection is completed it also need to wait more than 30 minutes for ozone decomposition completing

Timer 15/30/60 minutes, 15 seconds delay to start, to ensure people leave safely.