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RCA Pro:Idiom TV’s

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  • Ultra-Slim Bezel – New thin bezel with reduced weight.
  • Channel Labeling – Allows channels to have customized names
  • Initial Channel – Sets the input/channel for the TV when turned on
  • Volume Limiter/Initial Volume – Sets the maximum and initial volume
  • USB Cloning Capable – Allows duplication of TV configuration
  • Ad Splash – Display short advertisements on TV based on settings
  • Master/Guest Remotes – Separate remotes for configuration/operation
  • Front Panel/Menu Lockout – Disables front panel and menu controls
  • Power On/Off Scheduler
  • Energy-Saving Features:
    • Auto power-off
    • Less than 1 watt in standby mode
    • Low power LED
    • No signal power-off
  • VESA Mount Pattern – Wall mount your TV using standard mounts
  • IR Pass-Thru – Allows control of external devices without line of sight
  • Antenna/Cable Merge – Antenna & cable channels in a single line-up
  • Bed 1/2/3 Capable – Control multiple TVs in same room without remote interference
  • Auto-Detect Side AV – Easily connect devices without using remote
  • Last Power Mode – Select power state of TV after power outage

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