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Purple Heat Ice Melter 50lb Bag

Lab Tested

More Effective than Rock Salt

Creates Instant Traction

Ideal for Residential & Commercial Application

Purple, Organic Non-Staining Dye for Controlled Application.

With Proper Application Not Harmful to Vegetation

Pet and Environmentally Friendly

Safer on concrete

Solar Salt

Magnesium Chloride Premium Blend Melts down to -15º F

50lb bags, sold in pallets

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Purple Heat Ice Melter 50lb Bag

Purple Heat Ice Melt is an 8% magnesium blend and will melt down to -15ºF / -26ºF. It contains a purple, organic, non staining dye for controlled application. Purple Heat is safe on concrete and is pet and environmentally friendly with suggested application.

Renewable Resource 100% American Made, A Green Company