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Lock-N Dissolvable 20 Gallon Laundry Bags (25 Bags per Roll)

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Lock-N Dissolvable Laundry Bags are a cost effective, safe solution to contain,

transfer and wash bed bug infested bed linens and clothing with NO risks of

spreading an infestation to other areas of the premises.

The 100 percent soluble and biodegradable Lock-N bags can be washed with other

contents and completely dissolves in hot water temperatures of 140 degrees, leaving

no residues on the clothing, linens or washing machine.

Originally designed for the healthcare industry, Lock-N bags also provide for the

safe collection, handling and washing of soiled, contaminated or infectious linens

and clothing and are a great way to isolate and manage infested or infected laundry

while protecting your guests, staff and hotel.

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