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Bed MadeEZ Mattress Lifter

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Made of a friction resistant, durable polypropylene, the Bed

MadeEZ Mattress Lifter eliminates repeated lifting and alleviates

strain to the back, shoulders and neck when changing linens. With

an angled, ergonomic design it effortlessly lifts the mattress as

the device is inserted between the mattress and box spring. The

mattress is then held safely in an elevated position on the ledge

giving ample working room to tuck in sheets, blankets and other

bedding. Made in the USA.

The inclined wedge design separates and lifts the mattress 4″-5″ as it

slides in, reducing body strain incurred with the twist and lift motion on

each corner of the mattress.

The level ledge holds the mattress in a raised position alleviating pressure

to the lumbar spine and leaving both hands free to make the bed.

Curved handle allows the user to grip the Bed MadeEZ at a natural wrist

position providing greater comfort, strength and transfer of energy.

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