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Makeup Remover Wipes, Simply Wonderful Micellar Wipes, Case of 1000 Sachets

Your guests can easily remove makeup with the power of micelle molecules that trap and dissolve dirt, oil and makeup. Each travel sized wipe comes individually wrapped for a non-drying, fresh wipe each time.

  • Micellar: Micelle molecules trap and dissolve dirt, oil and makeup
  • Gentle cleaning for sensitive skin
  • Individual packed wipes that are travel friendly
  • Great for individual use or salons and spas
  • Each case contains ten bags of 100 wipes each bag, totaling 1,000 wipes
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Makeup Remover Wipes, Simply Wonderful Micellar Wipes

Your guests remover their makeup while cleansing their face in just seconds with Simply Wonderful Micellar Makeup Remover Wipes. No need for them to waste a large pack of makeup wipes for a short trip because Simply Wonderful Makeup Facial Wipes come individually packed so they never dry out in the perfect travel size. The micelle molecules trap and dissolve dirt, oil and makeup leaving skin fresh. These wipes are powerful enough to remove waterproof makeup, yet gentle for sensitive and irritated skin.

Great for hotel bathrooms as an add-on to their amenities and also for spas & salons to use to remove existing makeup or to just refresh before and after a facial. Simply Wonderful Micellar Makeup Wipes is the ideal choice for hospitality. Guests will be thrilled to find an individually wrapped makeup wipe when staying at your hotel or rental and the simple yet elegant packaging pairs well with most amenity lines. Guest even love bring them with them as the sachet fits easily in an air travel kit. It’s the perfect size to take anywhere.