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Pressto Valet Iron Organizer w/Board Hanger, Black

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Pressto Valet Iron Organizer w/Board Hanger, Black

The Retractable Cord Iron Organzier Pack provides storage for both a retractable cord iron and board.

Patented product made of 18-gauge steel and double powder coated in white, this wall mounted iron

holder will fit any size iron and hold it securely. Adjustable side wings provide user with means to

custom fit any iron and hold it snugly for safekeeping. Hanger for Board is 18-gauge steel, double

powder coated, and will accommodate any T-Leg style ironing board. Since organizer is separate

from hanger for board, this product allows for separate storage of board and iron for custom fit

into user’s closet or storage area. Comes with 4 screws and 4 plastic zip-its

(for drywall application) for the organizer, plus 2 screws and 2 plastic zip-its

for hanger for board.

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