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Countertop Acrylic Shield

Countertop Acrylic Shield

Width: 24 in, 30 in, 36 in, 48 in

Height: 24 in, 30 in, 36 in

Custom sizes are available

Product with cutout window available here:

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This Countertop Acrylic Shield is designed to provide an important solution for businesses to help maintain social distance while serving customers. The shields are built to help prevent the spread of germs in any place of commerce that requires direct interaction between employees and customers.

These acrylic shields have a clear surface and clear feet. It’s an affordable solution that allows items to be scanned through the screen to prevent the need for direct contact. For example, a credit card terminal can be placed on the customer’s side of the shield while keeping the register on the employee’s side.

Various options for these shields are available including two different foot designs. The adjustable height allows for the shield to be set up flush with the counter or with a 2-inch opening at the bottom for the transfer of items.

Call for Quote- 1-800-328-8439 (starting at $109)

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24×24, 24×36, 30×36, 36×24, 48×24, 48X36

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