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CK-Mini Electrostatic Sprayer

CK-Mini Electrostatic Sprayer

This electrostatic machine sprayer (fogger) sprays a mist of charged droplets using a patent pending Aerostatic charging process. This machine is to be used by consumers or medium-duty business’ to disperse a water based solution coating surfaces evenly.

This entry-level machine delivers electrostatically charged disinfecting fluid through an 6 ft. hose using patent pending AerostaticTM charging process. This unit is designed to be used by one person with liquid dispersed through the industrial grade plastic hose onto surfaces. This machine is light weight, and durable while being easy to use and maintain.

Assembled in t he USA. Plastic body.

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CK-Mini Electrostatic Sprayer

Electrostatically Charged fluid delivery:

Using patent pending Aerostatic™ charging process.

Optional Accessories: Wheels or Backpack, The Wheel Model: includes (4) installed 360 degree rotating wheels; the Backpack Model is adjustable for large range of sizes. Makes carrying the machine comfortable and convenient. You can walk and spray comfortably. Fits adults from Small to XL

Weight: 15 lbs. wit h fluid, 10 lbs. empty

Size: 11 “L x 11 “W x 16″H

Electrical requirements: 1 0amp, 11 0v circuits per machine.

Fluid Source: Tank Capacity: 1/2 gallon

Coverage Area: 400 sq. ft. per minute fluid using 6 ft. hose (included).

Fluid Consumption: Consumes 1 /2 gallon of fluid every 21 minutes

Construction: Assembled in t he USA. Plastic body.

Limited 90 Day Manufacturer Warranty (Do not return to Lodging Kit)

WARNING: Personal Protection Equipment is required when activating and applying this solution. Eye/Face, Skin, and respiratory equipment must be utilized. Refer to your chemicals MSD sheet for complete requirements.

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CK-Mini-S, CK-Mini+ Wheels, CK-MINI-Backpack