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Mop Bucket & Side-Press Wringer, 26-32 Quart

Key Features

  • 32 quart bucket has a 11.75” x 10.25” opening and is 24” tall, when the wringer is inserted
  • Unique wringer panel design that expels more water with less spilling and splashing
  • Integrated hook on the wringer to hold mop handle while stationary or to assist with maneuvering the bucket
  • Heavy duty steel bucket handle with soft rubber grip for easier lifting and pouring
  • Handle lays on either side, out of the way during mopping
  • Wringer accepts most mop head types and sizes up to #32
  • Wringer fits tightly onto mop bucket, will not rock back and forth during use
  • Wringer handle is angled to maximize torque to the wringer panels
  • Available wringer only as #00599

Product Application

  • Fits most janitorial and maid carts
  • Large or small floor areas
  • MRO, Plant & Warehouse; Foodservice; Janitorial & BSC; Hotel & Housekeeping; Office Products; Health Care & Assisted Care
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Mop Bucket & Side-Press Wringer

When mopping large areas, tough jobs, or both, use the uniquely designed Libman 32 Quart Bucket & Wringer. The heavy-duty steel handle allows you to squeeze out more water without bending, while non-squeak, premium rubber casters make it easier to move the bucket and wringer around to where it is most convenient. A low center of gravity resists tipping over, while the heavy-duty molded composite of this bucket and wringer combo is built to last. View specs here.