The Keurig® K130 Hotel Brewer

The Keurig® K130 Hotel Brewer

Code: CO-K130

Product Description

The Keurig K130 brewer is designed specifically for in-room brewing
and provides a home-away-from-home experience for your hotel guests.
Just place the K-cup into the machine and press the button! A small tabletop
footprint to minimize clutter and a housekeeping-friendly design saves time
and resources because there's minimal mess and clean-up. This single cup
brewer fits perfectly in any hotel, resort or extended stay room. Additionally,
the K130 brewer has a mug sensor to eliminate unnecessary spills.

  • Auto Off
  • Compact Size
  • One Cup Size (8 oz)
  • Makes 1 Cup of Coffee Before Refilling
  • Easy-to-follow pictorial instructions
  • Removable Drip Tray Accommodates Travel Mugs

  • The quality and convenience of the Keurig K130 single cup brewer offers
    a unique advantage to restaurants, hotels, and extended stay locations.
    Take a look through our diverse collection of Keurig hospitality K-Cups.
    From coffees, teas and hot chocolates, we have a K-Cup flavor variety
    to gratify almost everyone's tastes and preferences.