Mobile-Pack, Deluxe Housekeeping Cart

Mobile-Pack, Deluxe Housekeeping Cart

Code: UT-22600

Product Description

The Deluxe Pack is is four inches taller than the Large Pack. It has one additional
side pocket for chemical bottles, a broom pocket, an accordion collateral pocket
in the front and a larger caddy with adjustable compartments. Also includes four
swiveling non-marking wheels and a pull strap for easier maneuvering.
Features Include
Weight capacity not to exceed 35 lbs.
Velcro strap holds top open for ease of access.
Front: Large front zipper pocket for sponges, rags, and brushes.
Back: 3 large PVC lined pockets for bottles or supplies.
Designed to accommodate small amounts of linen and terry.
4 - clear, durable, non-marking, swiveling wheels, 4.75"/12cm
Telescoping handle and pull strap for easy maneuvering.
Right side: Large pocket 15 h x 13 w for broom storage and broom cover for a clean look.
One pack can hold enough cleaning supplies and amenities for one day's workload.
Left side: 2 PVC lined pocket for chemical bottles and 1 PVC lined toilet brush pocket with draw string.
Removable inner caddy with adjustable compartments for soap, shampoo, conditioner, shower caps, etc.
Alternative uses: minibar restocking, cleaning public areas, turn down, and supervisors checking rooms.